This lovely email received this week makes my job worth while.

“I wanted to share my success story with you and say thank you for your classes over the last 9 month and the improvement they have brought to my quality of life.
15 years ago I fell, tore a ligament in my knee and long story short, it was misdiagnosed, mistreated and left me struggling through physio after physio for years. In the end, I just learned to live with the pain.
Last year, I started doing your online bounce back class. I started noticing improvements in my knee after a couple of months, being able to squat and lunge lower, which I had really struggled with. I noticed I could activate muscles I’d struggled to get to respond in physio. My techniques and form improved from your explanations, I’ve learned to understand my body much better and had less pain. The core based exercises slowly started to rebalance muscles that weren’t working with ones that had been over-working. 
I’ve now been able to change to your HiTT classes and can even do exercises like ‘get-ups’ with weight directly on my knee with very little pain. I have virtually no pain in my day-to-day life anymore. We
However, the real success story for me happened a couple of weeks ago. My knee had been so good I thought I’d try going for a run (again). I’ve tried running over and over since the injury but only ever got to 3km before the pain meant I couldn’t go on. 
This time, I managed 5km straight off, no stopping! This really surprised me ! Firstly, I didn’t expect my fitness to be transferable to running that far but even more surprising was that my knee was absolutely fine and has been fine for the 6 runs I’ve done since! I’m even getting faster!
So I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work. It really has been life-changing for me and is a massive positive to come out of this otherwise pretty awful year! Thank you, thank you, thank you”.